Our Mission

• To advance the art of BBQ at all levels from the backyard to the American Royal.

• To actively embrace all members of the local and world communities at large and members of the BBQ community specifically as friends, family and customers.

• To give more than we receive and to constantly hold in our minds our humble gratitude for being able to be involved in the BBQ industry.

• To promote the art of low and slow cooking through education, friendships, and camaraderie.

• To assist the members of our communities in producing the best BBQ they have ever made, and through this food, comes our ability to educate the public, our friends and our families, to what REAL BBQ is.

• To continue to contribute to the building of the best knowledge base on the internet for BBQ: http://www.bbq-brethren.com

• To maintain an open mind that there is NO ONE RIGHT WAY, and there is no perfect cooker. We live by the fact that it is the cook not the cooker, its the passion not the steel, that produces great BBQ. We support and respect all techniques and all forms of BBQ pits.

• To encourage those that have even the slightest interest or curiosity in Competition BBQ to get out there and compete. We are here to help you take that walk to the awards podium.

• Most importantly, To have FUN. To enjoy our craft, our art, to enjoy our friendships and our families and to build on the passion that lets us go to bed smelling like smoke and wake up with soot on our pillows.

(Adapted from The BBQ Brethren - thanks, Phil!)